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About Bradley Berfas

Mr. Berfas, managing partner at Berfas & Associates PC, is regarded as one of the most prominent divorce and family law attorneys in Nassau County. Because of his legal expertise and extensive experience, Mr. Berfas has successfully represented many individuals in divorce and family law proceedings, including financiers, professionals in the medical field, athletes, and homemakers.

Mr. Berfas is one of the only New York divorce lawyers who has personally gone through the divorce process himself and he therefore knows exactly what it feels like to be in every one of his client’s shoes. Berfas & Associates PC is unique because Mr. Berfas is able to utilize his own experiences to personally relate to every client, and treat them with the high level of respect and compassion that they deserve. He is your divorce lawyer.
Mr. Berfas attended one of the most elite law schools in New York . Mr. Berfas lives with his family in Cedarhurst , New York.

As a Partner in the firm, I pride myself on being a top divorce attorney, and my reputation is impeccable. Based on my client’s past experiences, my reviews speak for itself as a top divorce lawyer in this field period.

In my capacity, as a Partner in Berfas & Associates, P.C. with my expertise and extensive experience for over 15 years, we specialize in Matrimonial Law, including divorce/post – divorce litigation. Moreover, I also fervently represent clients in moving violations, such as speeding and cell phone infractions, suspended licenses, proceeding through stop signs and a host of other vehicle and traffic related offenses in Nassau, Suffolk counties, as well as the 5 boroughs.  Additionally, I also sit as an Administrative Law Judge for the New York City Department of Finance, in Queens County, where I have adjudicated traffic tickets, such as double parking, camera violations, street cleaning, and or expired inspection/registrations, to name a few, for over a decade. As a seasoned general attorney my knowledge includes negotiation and collaboration, interpersonal relations, and the art of effective listening.  I am a very ambitious, adventurous and outgoing individual with great communication skills and always listen and understand others and am very cognizant of their particular point of view. Being open minded and coming to a resolution by solving issues and problems is integral in my practice, whether it be litigation and or going to trial on a moving violation, or working out a plea bargain, via my astute negotiation skills. These experiences will enable me to use these skills in listening to issues and conflicts in a divorce matter, and represent my client to the utmost, even though the task may become very arduous and emotional considering the plight of the issue(s) at stake. As a result, of my own personal divorce, I am able to utilize my experiences to personally relate to every client and treat them with the highest level of respect and compassion that they deserve. My clients are not just a number, or a cash withdrawal, but rather a person with feelings and as such, I add another dimension to my practice by acting not only as an attorney, but a friend, confidante and a therapist if need be, advocating zealously on their behalf to the fullest.

I graduated from Touro Law and became a member of the NY State Bar in 2003. Before that I graduated from Queens College. I also acted as Lead Counsel for the late esteemed NY State Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn, in which I reviewed and helped draft key Human Rights legislation. Past employers include the NBA and NBC Studios where I worked with dozens of professional athletes and celebrities. I also had the privilege of working at the Queens DA’s office. Additionally, while in law school, I was on the Dean’s list, as well as, a member of the Moot court board, and graduated at the top of my class.

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